The community co-op KOPEL has undoubtedly done some amazing work over the last twenty years. None of this would be possible without the enormous support of volunteers, schools, NGO’s, expedition companies, the government and likewise the support provided by the surrounding community and the KOPEL members.

To all of this we say thank you! Every day we honour your commitment with our continued efforts and the better planet we promise to leave behind.

how can i contribute?

how to contribute

To continue KOPEL’s efforts, funding is essential. To avoid having to ask for ‘hand-outs’ KOPEL has developed several small-scale and small-footprint income generating ventures, such as the Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp, Mandaa Kampung Stay, Supu Adventure Camp, and the Smiling Boat Riverside Café to name just a few. Through these ventures KOPEL contributes directly to the local community through employment, skills development, micro-finance, and a host of social support activities. To this end we are a leading ‘Social Enterprise’ in Malaysia. To learn about this in more detail, go to KOPEL’s member page.

There are three main ways we encourage our supporters to contribute:

1. stay with us

In addition to paying for operational cost of running these activities, proceeds from stays are the biggest revenue support to our overall program. We have a wide range of options and experiences, from staying with a local family in their Homestay, to roughing it out in the Jungle in our camps. The backdrop is one of Southeast Asia’s most amazing and wildlife crazy rainforests, and you are sure to be rewarded when visiting these places with KOPEL.

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2. purchase our products

This way of contributing is new to us, and is based on many requests, suggestions, and demand. Currently, we are experimenting with a range of original products, and ideally, we want to ensure that if you buy something to support KOPEL it is not inadvertently undoing our environmental efforts somewhere else. Make sure to stay posted for more on this!

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3. volunteering

This will be your ultimate quest! And our ultimate experience for you. As it stands this is the highest valued form of contributing, as you will sweat with us, eat with us, and laugh or cry with us. You become part of the team! Many of our volunteers have left such an impact on KOPEL and have given us many fond memories. Albeit for short stay, we honour your work with an unbeatable experience in the Borneo Rainforest, and likely one of the unbeatable experiences in Asia.


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