Mandaa Kampung Stay

Mandaa Stay Village Hostel

Mandaa Kampung Stay is simple, spacious, and clean and is a gem in KOPEL’s suite of accommodation choices. As the name suggests, the Mandaa Kampung Stay offers clean and comfortable village-based accommodation. It is located thirty minutes south of the Kinabatangan Township and one hour north of Lahad Datu City Centre.


experience overview

Designed to provide dormitory style accommodation to student groups and volunteers supporting KOPEL’s biodiversity conservation programs, the Mandaa Kampung Stay is made up of two large spacious dorm rooms, with an additional eight separate guest rooms. The two large dorm rooms are set-up with double decker bunk beds and have the capacity for twenty guests in each room, giving Mandaa Stay dorm rooms a combined capacity of up to 40 people. Each of the eight individual guest rooms have differing bed configurations, with some rooms ideal for small families, and others configured to fit a variety of small group needs.

The most important thing for visitors to understand upfront, is that Mandaa Kampung Stay is NOT a hotel. The reception is located 200m from the Mandaa Stay rooms, at the KOPEL Training Centre Office, and for this reason advanced booking is essential.

Mandaa Kampung Stay is a specialist facility and an integral part of KOPEL’s Training Hub. It is designed primarily to provide accommodation for KOPEL’s conservation volunteers and likewise for the CBEST Training Programs. The spacious accommodation is simple and clean and makes KOPEL’s Training Hub an ideal place for training programs outside of the main east coast city centres. Located away from the noise and distractions of city locations, this peaceful location is ideal for experiential and immersive training programs. Mandaa Kampung Stay complements the two Meeting Rooms and Training Halls at the KOPEL Office and the Smiling Boat Riverside Café for meals.

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