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KOPEL’s Training Hub is an ideal place for training programs outside of the main east coast city centres. Located away from the noise and distractions of city locations, this peaceful location is ideal for experiential and immersive training programs. Comprising of two Training Halls and a large outdoor space for training programs, all events are complemented by tasty meals catered out from the Smiling Boat Riverside Café, and simple but clean accommodation at the Mandaa Kampung Stay, which accommodates training program participants.


experience overview

Home to KOPEL’s own Community-based, Ecologically Sustainable Tourism Training-Programs, KOPEL’s Training Hub is frequented by community groups from around the region. A variety of programs are perfectly suited to this location in the heart of the Kinabatangan. Common programs include safety training programs, first aid programs, food safety programs, sustainability certification programs, health related programs, and tourism certification programs.

KOPEL’s Training Hub consists of the Balika Room Training Hall (max 60 people), the open KOPEL Reception Centre Hall (max 180 people), the Mandaa Kampung Stay (Accommodation for 60 people), and the Smiling Boat Riverside Café (seating 60 people). The large open parking space in front and centre is partly covered by the large Kinabatangan River bridge. This area provides great outdoor opportunities for team activities, breakout discussions, or even just playing team sports or games. Early morning Zumba or afternoon volleyball are great ways to keep everyone active and break-up more serious aspects of any training event.

Combine your training program with a sunset wildlife river cruise or plant a tree in KOPEL’s conservation program. Visit the Supu caves, trek to the Summit of a Limestone Karst, or even organise a tailor-made team building program with the KOPEL team. There are a multitude of possibilities that all support one of the regions premier conservation projects. KOPEL’s Kinabatangan Training Hub provides wild opportunities for creative and bespoke training programs.

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