Sunset Wildlife River Cruises

Cruise The Kinabatangan

Cruising the Lower Kinabatangan River at sunrise or sunset must be one of the most peaceful and relaxing activities in the Borneo Rainforest. There are few experiences so easy as this, and after a long day on the road, or a long day in the forest, this is a great way to unwind, let go and soak up the floodplain forest atmosphere.


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As the sun dips and the heat drains from the intense tropical sun a noticeable change in mood unfolds. By the riverside, the many shades of jungle greens sparkle with fresh colour and changing hues. Adding to the mood, the fresh breeze on a cruising boat cools the weary, and fans a new excitement for a view of some exceptionally rare wildlife. In the late afternoon, the wild primates emerge with full bellies from their daily forest fun ready for their twilight slumber by the meandering river. At least five species of peculiar Borneo primates spend their jungle nights by the river, hence these select locations are some of the best places in Asia to observe these nifty creatures in the wild.

The long-nosed Proboscis monkeys are one of the amazing riverside sightings, alongside the different species of Leaf monkeys and Macaques. The languid nature of the large and brutish alpha males makes them a wildlife photographer’s dream. Even a novice can come away with some amazing photos of the wildlife on KOPEL’s sunset wildlife river cruise. With five primate species and five hornbill species viewable on any evening sojourn, this makes the cruising out of KOPEL hit the top five wildlife and birdlife species of Borneo all in a single dose. Alongside these top 10 there are stunningly beautiful Kingfishers, Saltwater Crocodiles, and even the shy Orangutan can show-up amongst some of the crazy riverside wildlife possibilities.

The sunrise and sunset wildlife river cruises are a daily reward for our conservation volunteers and bring extra meaning to the habitat restoration efforts. KOPEL runs the cruises on demand, and advance bookings are essential. The programs can run stand-alone for passing visitors or be packaged into longer stay programs. Common conservation programs involve two-night, three-night or five-night schedules. Contact KOPEL for more details.

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